Find answer to questions about contract.

How can I cancel my contract with Keyweb?

If you want to cancel your hosting package you have to inform us in writing, sign the cancellation and send it by post or fax, or email the scanned pdf document via the ticketing system in customer menu. Cancellations we receive purely as an email, cannot be accepted as termination of contract. Once Keyweb has the cancellation you will receive a written confirmation of the receipt of termination which states the contract end date; this is done via the ticketing system, by email or by post.

Are there any deadlines for a contract termination?

Yes, the contract can only be terminated by giving us at least 14-days notice to the end of the respective contract term or the prepayment period chosen.

What does prepayment period mean and what has it to do with the contract duration?

During the ordering process you are able to select the invoicing period that suits you (monthly, half-yearly, annually or biannually). This invoicing period is also called prepayment period. Depending on the invoicing period selected this also equals the contract duration. And vice versa, the desired contract duration corresponds with the invoicing period or prepayment period.

Which contract durations are available?

When choosing the contract duration for your hosting offer, you are not bound to long-term contracts. Instead you can decide whether you would like to take out a monthly contract, a six-month contract, an annual contract or one that runs for 24 months. Depending on the contract duration and the invoicing period that results from it, we offer you attractive discounts of up to 20 % off the respective products.

Is the account/server automatically cancelled when the contract expires?

If the contract is not cancelled in writing giving a notice period of 14 days to the end of the respective contract term, the contract shall automatically run for another invoicing period or in accordance with the payment cycle selected, but will not automatically be extended by more than one year.

How can I notify Keyweb regarding changes to my contract?

If you want to tell us about amendments of your contract you may do so by fax, post, email or you may use the ticketing system to contact our Service Team.

Can I transfer my contract onto another person?

Yes, changing the owner of the contract is not a problem. For a quick and smooth take-over we require an application for assignment and assumption of contract. You can find this form on our website under the menu item “Service” and in the download section titled “Documents”. Please send us the filled out and signed form “Transfer of contract” by post, as a PDF or by fax. We shall then implement the change of ownership as quickly as possible for you.

How can I register my new company name with you or register a different contact?

In the event of a change in company name we require information about the new name from you in writing. The contact person, however, may be changed by you in the customer menu (KCP).

The contact email address that was registered in KCM is no longer accessible. How can I get hold of my access details?

You can update your email address in customer menu, by post or by fax.