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KeyHelp® 17.1 / 17.1.1 – Changeable PHP versions & Debian 9 support

Last week, with KeyHelp version 17.1, among others we have created the possibility to define the PHP version to be used by the webserver.

This week, we are releasing another update (17.1.1) to counter the problems that may have occurred with the previous update.

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KeyHelp® 17.0.0 – Firewall management and more

The latest version of our administration panel KeyHelp is now complete.

Now you are able to easily manage your Iptables firewall directly in your KeyHelp panel - including a protection mechanism that protects you against accidental lockout from your server.

If you are not yet familiar with Iptables, this is not an obstacle. In this case, we offer you a set of pre-built firewall rules that can help you to add more security to your server.

If you have activated automatic KeyHelp updates, your system will automatically update itself to the latest version at the beginning of next week.

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KeyHelp® 14.7.2 – Traffic Statistics

The latest version of KeyHelp® 14.7.2 is now available for installation on your server.

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Upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Since version 14.7.1 of our administration software KeyHelp® also the latest Ubuntu LTS version 16.04 is supported.

Do you operate your KeyHelp® on a server running Ubuntu 14.04 and now want to take advantage of the optimized Ubuntu 16.04? Then here is your opportunity to comfortably perform the update on your own. We provide the required script and detailed instructions as follows. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance.

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KeyHelp® 14.7.0 – Let's Encrypt Support

Today we would like to inform you about the latest KeyHelp version 14.7.0.

With this update, you now have the option to use the free certificates of the Let's Encrypt certification authority for your domains.
After only one mouse click the desired domain is protected with such a certificate. Requesting, creating and renewing are done entirely automated by KeyHelp.

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KeyHelp® 14.6.4 - Tools and Service Update

Today we inform you about the latest, just released KeyHelp version.

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KeyHelp® 14.6.3 - Now with Cron Job Management

In its latest iteration KeyHelp offers cron job management, which can be found as 'Scheduled Tasks' within the admin panel.

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KeyHelp® 14.6.2 - Service Update with new Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes

In the next days your KeyHelp server will be equipped with the latest version of our administration panel.

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KeyHelp® 14.6.1 – Service Update and Ubuntu 16.04 Support

Today we published the latest version of KeyHelp. In addition to numerous bug fixes and enhancements, KeyHelp now supports the operating system Ubuntu 16.04 with this iteration.

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KeyHelp® 14.6.0 – Feature update with backup system

Yesterday we published our latest KeyHelp version 14.6.0.

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