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KeyHelp® 14.5.3 –Tools Update and KeyHelp improvements

During the next days, your server will get updated to the latest KeyHelp version 14.5.3.

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KeyHelp® 14.5.2 – Service update & Debian 8 support

In this week, we will release our new KeyHelp version 14.5.2.

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Upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Since version 14.5.0 of our administration software KeyHelp also the latest Ubuntu LTS version 14.04 is supported.

Do you operate your KeyHelp on a server running Ubuntu 12.04 and now want to take advantage of the optimized Ubuntu 14.04? Then here is your opportunity to comfortably perform the update on your own. We provide the required script and detailed instructions as follows. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance.

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KeyHelp® 14.5.1 – Service Update

During this week your KeyHelp Server will receive the service update to the new, stable version 14.5.1. This update includes improvements to existing components as well as bug fixes.

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KeyHelp® 14.5.0 – Support for Ubuntu 14.04 and more!

With this KeyHelp update to version 14.5.0 the operating system Ubuntu 14.04 is now fully supported, furthermore, the panel interface has been improved and numerous bug fixes for stability and security have been implemented.

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KeyHelp® 14.4.1 – PhpMyAdmin & Roundcube update

This update includes minor improvements on internal components, as well as bug fixes. Furthermore it contains updates for the tools supplied with KeyHelp: PhpMyAdmin (updated to version 4.4.7) and Roundcube (updated to version 1.1.1). Through their updates numerous security gaps were fixed and new features introduced.

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KeyHelp® 14.4.0 – Now available with white label function

In the course of this week KeyHelp will be updated to the newest version 14.4.0. This update includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes and new features, of course.

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New KeyHelp® information system & update 14.3.1

At this point you will find announcements about upcoming KeyHelp updates, important security notes and news concerning the improvement of the KeyHelp user interface.

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