modular homepage system providing everything you need to create a high-quality website quickly and simply, and on customer-friendly conditions. This is what Keyweb is offering you with KeyPages. Beginners, private individuals and small companies will particularly benefit from the latest generation of the modular principle. You can order the new modular homepage system right now at for 8.90 €/month*.

Anyone can use the new KeyPages modular homepage system from Keyweb, even without any knowledge of programming, to create an impressive, professional website and incorporate demanding web functions and the latest web technologies in no time at all.

The simple operation of the modular system speaks for itself: The modular system is structured in such a way that you can start processing in the web browser right after registration without a long familiarisation phase. The innovative user interface is easy to follow and structured in such a way as to emulate standard editors. This enables users to intuitively make changes themselves quickly and to drag & drop the functions they want where they want, without having to go to the expense of paying a programming expert. Modern design diversity, optimised for mobile devices Ideally customised to suit the needs of a wide variety of target groups, KeyPages provides its users with modern design diversity consisting of more than 650 design templates and a large selection of varied sector-based templates. In order to do justice to the usage behaviour of website users, a large number of the designs can already be selected in a “responsive design”, meaning that the website automatically adjusts itself to the size of the respective device. Mobile pages can also be generated for all other templates.

An individual website for everyone
Be it for a private website, as a visiting card, web pages for clubs or for small companies such as artists, real estate agents, freelancers, retailers or other traders, anyone can use KeyPages to quickly write a professional homepage. And the brilliant thing is that thanks to the many individualisation features offered by KeyPages the modular websites which it creates cannot be immediately recognised as such. For instance, the colour and font sets of the design templates can be individually changed in the expert mode. What is more, you can individualise the pages with your own images, texts and contents.

Functions with a useful added value incl. an online shop 
More than 40 practical functions can be pulled to the right position using Drag & Drop, making it child’s play to integrate them directly into the website. The applications work immediately after being inserted, so that no further settings need to be made. The functions of the modular website system include media files (e.g. image galleries, external videos), social media functions such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing buttons, organisational aids such as forms, event calendars or online reservation and a free image database. As a special highlight, the modular system even includes a separate online shop with different payment options.

Excellent terms round off the advantages offered by the modular homepage system from Keyweb and make it particularly attractive, and not only for Internet beginners. The modular system is available in a full version – with no restrictions or compromises. This obviates the need for any annoying upgrades. Keyweb customers furthermore receive a web hosting package including an .eu domain, unlimited storage space and an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. Keyweb customers can also freely select the length of the contract and the payment method, thus giving them flexibility that many other hosting providers do not offer. In particular beginners can therefore test KeyPages without being bound by a long minimum contractual period. The modular homepage system costs 8.90 Euro* per month, and can be conveniently cancelled with 14 days’ notice to the end of a month. Customers who are already convinced about Keyweb can select contract periods of up to 24 months, thus benefiting from up to 20 % discount on the regular price. For anyone wanting to save even more time, the modular homepage system is also available with a managed option for an additional 14.90 Euro* per month. You will find more information on the Keyweb modular homepage system at:

*All prices include VAT at 19 %.

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