New: VPS – Flexible resource expansion. No performance limits.

We have launched a new server series to kick off 2022 – dedicated VPS. These are offered in 6 variants and already from 62,90 €* per month with fast SSD performance. The special features of Keyweb's VPS are the always guaranteed virtual resources as well as the possibility to switch flexibly and comfortably to a higher tariff at any time.

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Keyweb supports youth help organization MUTABOR

Every day, children and young people have to be taken out of their families at short notice if there is currently no safe environment for them. This often means that they have to come to a family care facility temporarily and leave a lot behind. With the project "We give you something that belongs to you - a backpack for every child", MUTABOR - Mensch & Entwicklung gGmbH gives children who are at the mercy of this fate their own backpack. This is filled with things that accompany the children during this difficult time and remain with them beyond that. Keyweb AG supports the project with a donation for a filled backpack for the child Tessa.

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KeyHelp® Update 21.2 provides Debian 11 Support

With the release of the latest version 21.2 of the KeyHelp Server Control Panel, the recently released Debian 11 (codenamed "Bullseye") already gets support by KeyHelp. Further functions as well as optimisations of the new backup system and a new language are also part of the latest update.

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Keyweb AG supports WeLa – free cargo bikes in Weimar

Sustainable mobility is an important step towards a climate-conscious future. This year, the WeLa initiative was launched in Weimar, which enables Weimar residents to borrow a cargo bike free of charge and thus do without a car even when transporting larger objects. Keyweb AG, which already supports the similar project "E(l)la" in Erfurt, is now also sponsoring the domain and the corresponding web space for "WeLa".

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Further development of the KeyHelp® server control panel

Last week we released the latest KeyHelp version 21.1.
This version of the server control panel includes the long-awaited brand new backup system, a new e-mail notification system and various other features.

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