Since September 2015, the data centers of Keyweb AG are also connected to the internet exchange point B-CIX in Berlin as part of a network expansion. A 20 GigaBit direct connection to this node again maximizes availability and reliability for customers of the provider Keyweb AG. The hosting company is continuing its strategic and continuous expansion of the network for a multiredundant connection.

The Erfurt-based company continues to invest in strengthening its high performing, multiredundant backbones. Additional network enhancements are planned for the future. Contrary to the general market trend the Keyweb AG does not reduce its network, but always makes investments in order to provide their customers the best possible network.

The presence in different locations increases the network quality as well as the already very good bandwidth and performance for customers of Keyweb. Furthermore, this extension of the network brings additional possibilities to implement individual customer projects, for example backup solutions, in and around Berlin.

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