We already got to knew the Erfurt Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf better during the Lions-Cup 2014. At that time, we had been very impressed by the commitment and playfulness of the children. As they just missed the victory, Keyweb rewarded their great engagement spontaneously with a holiday in the villa at the Baltic Sea.

When we now heard, that the five families of the children's village needed new PCs, we did not think long and decided to help immediately. Already for our offer, we were rewarded with joy, gratitude and appreciation on the unexpected support.

Warmly welcomed by the family of the house "Mittelhof", on Tuesday we handed over the longed-for PCs, screens and keyboards under the curious eyes of the house's children. The new technology of course had to be discovered and tested by them. It gave us great joy to see, that the lively girls are enthusiastic about their new helpers for schoolwork and freetime activities, but also that we could very meaningful support their Children's Village parents.

"The new PCs come just at the right moment. For a long time it has been necessary to replace the outdated computers for the children, but we so far lacked the financial resources for it. In most schools, it is assumed that the children can do homework on the PC or sometimes to prepare a presentation. This is of course only possible when the appropriate technology exists. The Children's Village Association is very pleased that we can now offer this possibility to our nearly 40 children. We are very grateful Keyweb helps to give our children and young people the best conditions for their education." Said Press Officer Jacqueline Krüger.

The admirable work of the "parents" in the Children's Village is based on the principles of community backing and support. They move a lot in the young people of the Children's Village and we as a company feel also guided by these family principles.

Therefore, it is a special concern of the Keyweb AG to support and promote the youth in the region. The future values, attitudes and ideas of our society are finally shaped by the rising generation. For us enough motivation to maintain these and promote the talents of young people by sharing a little of their life and let them have a positive experience.

With a little support, we can facilitate the daily work of institutions such as the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf. Especially as a privately owned company, we feel a certain social responsibility for our home and its development. Maybe we can encourage others with our commitment to support the Children's Village and its great versatile projects, too.

Because: "What mainly matters in the world are the helpers - and the helpers of the helpers."

Albert Schweitzer

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