Since July 2015 the Keyweb AG belongs to the group of supporters of the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt. As a debut of the newly established cooperation, Keyweb initiated the first tournament for Rot-Weiß Erfurt's sponsors in the club's history. The committed Keyweb team played with passion, enthusiasm as well as fairness and it even made a little miracle come true.

Erfurt – Sunday July 5th 2015. Just on time at 10 am and in perfect summer weather the opening match of the sponsors-tournament was kicked off on the ground of the youth academy of FC RWE. In this first game the Keyweb team faced "The Blue Ballet" of the company KNV logistics. It was the prelude for a total of 19 teams from among the sponsors of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt as well as for the host team consisting of administrative staff and former players of FC RWE.

Ahead already a heated press conference had sparked emotions. The first encounter between the coaches and team captains clearly demonstrated all participants' ambition, excitement and desire to win. The teams also proved all that on the field. They showed themselves determined and confident with tactics but also fairness. Loyal fan bases cheerfully supported their teams and recovered with them in the breaks of the rousing games having food and beverages.

After thrilling semi-final and final rounds, which often had to be decided by a 9-meter penalty shoot, the team of FC RWE placed 3rd. The match for place 1 was decided by the 1. FC Jüttner against Autohaus Peter Bielen SV 1926 e.V. And who would have guessed? For the Keyweb team happened that previously by the keeper predicted "Miracle of Erfurt" - so they did not only concede goals, but could also score with numerous own goals and great saves which brought one or two opponents quite out of concept. Eventually, the team won a good 11th place.

Of course sporting pleasure and cultivating relationships between sponsors and football club were in the foreground of the event. So the sponsors' teams took the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and motivate each other. Even though not all of the participants could take home a trophy, team spirit and enthusiasm were still felt in every match. This attitude was celebrated in the evening at the atmospheric closing party with an awards ceremony in the "Wernesgrüner Lounge" of the Steigerwald stadium.

As a surprise, the Keyweb AG came up with something special. So CEO Frank Nowag took the opportunity to hand over individual team photos to all the teams as keepsakes and also to personally congratulate to the sporting successes. Furthermore Keyweb produced numerous pictures and an entertaining film of the events and the atmosphere of this amusing day as souvenirs, which are available to all participants on the Keyweb website. With mutual respect, interesting conversations and contacts the participants rounded off the first sponsors-tournament of the FC RWE in friendly company.

In the area of sports sponsorship, the cooperation with the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt is seen as a good addition in Keyweb's aims to support regional projects and to promote passion for more exercise as well as a balanced lifestyle. Keyweb AG plans further actions together with the FC RWE, such as developing an online TV format for fans, but also a continuation of the sponsors-tournament next year, when the games hopefully take place in the renovated Steigerwald stadium and for charity.

The groundwork for a sustainable relationship has been done. The Keyweb AG is looking forward to continue this successful cooperation.

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