The new virtual server of the German web hosting provider are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio on the market. Four optimally balanced tariffs now impress through high performance SSDs, true full virtualization on KVM base and the exclusive Admin Panel KeyHelp®.

With the latest upgrade of the VServer tariffs almost all customer requirements are met: modern brand hardware, free choice of the operating system, true full virtualization, full root access, the exclusive Admin Panel KeyHelp® and, not least, high-performance SSDs.

The use of Keymachine® brand servers and the latest Intel® processor technology ensure a reliable power base. The freedom to decide about the hard disks used, whether SATA or SSD-hard drives allow the adaptation of the virtual server on the individual performance requirements. For users who attach especially importance to high storage capacities the server setup of the server with SATA hard drives is recommended. If there is a particularly high disk performance important for most business critical applications then SSD drives are clearly the better choice. This increase the I/O performance by a multiple, so that a faster data throughput is guaranteed. In view of the above from now on all virtual server from Keyweb also be equipped with SSD drives. And the best of all - the RVS with SSD drives have the same monthly price as the SATA tariffs.

Maximum flexibility the virtual server get also due to the virtualization solution that is used. Many providers advertise their virtual server at extremely low prices. The disadvantage of this supposed bargain deals becomes often clear with the virtualization software used like OpenVZ and Virtuozzo and their related limitations. In contrast, the Virtual Server Tariffs RVS S14, L14 and G14 provide significant added value thanks to full virtualization based on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine): Users have full console access, can install their own kernel and also can choose their own ISO images and operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE open, and more.) with absolutely no restrictions.

The already included in the price, very user-friendly administration panel KeyHelp® makes managing the server as easy as never before and thus represents the perfect alternative to the usually paid and many times very complex management tool Plesk® panel. Additional features and the many small details such as guaranteed RAM, 2 IP addresses, flexible contract period and payment and a discount of up to 20% complete the latest Virtual Server from Keyweb to the ideal server offer.

The virtual server are available in four different product configurations. Thus, the server belong to the best VServer tariffs on the market at a price range of 4.90 €* for the minimum tariff to 29.90 €* for the most current tariff compared to the competition. Order options and more information about the new Root Virtual Server can be found at .

*These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different.

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