All hosting services from German hosting provider are reachable via IPv4 as well as via IPv6. The conversion to the expanded IPv6 address space paves the way for more opportunities in Internet communications and networking.

On the way to the future, the conversion of all hosting services on the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is undoubtedly one of them. As an important basis for this, the Keyweb AG offers its customers all the necessary conditions: The data centers of the provider are equipped with IPv6-enabled network components and the operating systems of the current hosting offerings support the new Internet protocol. Therefore, all hosting products of Keyweb from virtual server tariffs up to dedicated server, cloud solutions and colocation are executable over IPv6.

After extensive testing, first our own homepage has been converted before the step for all hosting services followed. For this reason, the transition from the previous system to the new Internet Protocol takes place for the customers without any problems. Because all current offers of the Keyweb AG support the new protocol and all customer websites are still additionally accessible via IPv4, a smooth switchover into the larger address space of IPv6 is ensured.

Users, who are not sure, whether their tariff is compatible with the new standard IPv6, can check the ability to run from the Keyweb Support and adjust it if desired.

Due to the rapid growth of the Internet in the last few years and the resulting scarcity of IPv4 address list the successor IPv6 was urgently needed to expand the address space. Are the procurement Directives for IPv4 addresses due to the scarcity very strictly, you can enjoy with IPv6 new freedoms, such as the uncomplicated buying of large quantities of IP addresses. However, apart from its necessity IPv6 stands also for many more improved and newly introduced features that make the networking of web-enabled systems even simpler.

Hosting user go with the new Internet protocol IPv6 and the hosting provider Keyweb on the way to a sustainable Internet address space full of modern opportunities for new perspectives and promote simultaneously the distribution of IPv6-based services in the Web.

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