Erfurt, Steigerwaldstadion, Saturday 14th of May 2016 – for 29 teams the second sponsor tournament began at 10:30 a.m. and again it was presented by Keyweb AG. After the great debut 2015, the RWE sponsor tournament should be even bigger – the biggest leisure football tournament of Thuringia.

For many football fans from among the sponsors a dream came true: to play themselves on the holy lawn of the Steigerwaldstadion, which was devided into three small playing fields to give three strong groups a stage for their ball skills. Among them, three teams of Keyweb, the 1st and 2nd team of SC Keyweb 16 as well as the Erfurter Torwartakademie by Keyweb. The FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt participated with an office team, that was not to be underestimated.

Recorded by Keymedia for, a humorous press conference in the style of the professionals caused exitement beforehand. Team representatives, trainers, captains and reporters could get a taste of the fitness level, ambition, will to win and anticipation of the participants. Rot-Weiß Erfurt's trainer Stefan Krämer also was guest at the press conference to share his experience and give advise for playing on small fields.

The teams could then transfer all of this during the group stage. They appeared resolute and convinced with tactics but also fairness. Loyal fan communities of all teams supported cheerfully their teams and relaxed with them with snacks and drink inbetween games. For the youngest fans there was the “Spielmobil” where they could frolic around and find new friends. So the 2nd RWE sponsor tournament was a successful family day in the new stadium.

After thrilling seminal and final rounds that were often decided by penalty shootout, Team Bergmann – mein Frömmschter Bäcker came third place. The first-place play-off was decided between the RWE-Bürokickers and Zalando 1 for the benefit of RWE-Bürokickers. The teams of Keyweb AG give a positive summary as well – despite many defeats and injuries, the 1st team scrambled for a place 23 and the 2nd team came place 13. The Erfurter Torwartakademie by Keyweb, consisting - as the name implies - of goalkeepers only even won place 9.

The sporting enjoyment and relationship management between football club and sponsors of course had priority. Fan-friendships, conversations on the sidelines as well as borrowed players were an opportunity for many sponsors to get to know each other and interchange. Even though not everyone could bring home a trophy, team spirit and joy of playing were omnipresent. The small and big successes of the day were celebrated with an atmospheric final party and award ceremony in the evening in the VIP loge of the stadium.

CEO of Keyweb AG, Frank Nowag, and Konstantin Krause, chief of branch office of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt did not only present the trophies but also an induvidual team photo for every team as a memory and congratulated personally to sporting success. With mutual appreciation, interesting conversations and in good company, the participants let the second sponsor tournament of FC RWE draw to an end.

In addition to it, the team of Keymedia captured the event and atmosphere in numerous pictures and one compelling film, which are later made available as remembrance for all participants at They are not only a nice memory but also let us look forward to the sponsor tournament 2017. What highlights can we possibly expect?

Sponsoring sports reflects Keyweb's goals to support regional projects and encourage exercise and a balanced life style. As official technology partner of FC RWE, Keyweb uses ceative ways like the sponsor tournaments but also its engagement for to achieve those goals. Not only its own colleaques and employees can witness at close quarters what team sport feels like or what can be achieved with it. With the setup of the online fan-channel, Keyweb and the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt can bring their passion and enthusiasm for sport to homes and smartphones. Let yourself get carried away and be curious, how the successful cooperation continues.

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