At the request of many customers, the Keyweb AG has supplemented its server and hosting portfolio with another, if not entirely new, product. The KeyCloud as secure online storage allows to store, sync and share data completely independent of location and time. The cloud is hosted at Keyweb‘s own data center in the middle of Germany, so all data is guaranteed to be protected under the German Data Protection Act against misuse.

There are on the market many ways to store your data, photos, videos and music online and to share more or less controlled with different users. The most popular among them – Dropbox, Google Drive and Micosoft OneDrive – already show great functionality. But all these reputable cloud solutions have one thing in common: Where the data is ultimately stored the users doesn‘ know. Many people are unaware of the fact that data storage mostly takes place abroad, where the majority of totally unsafe data protection laws apply. Who wants to know the private, perhaps intimate photos and important documents under observation of other eyes or find them on the internet? This risk is much higher in data hosted abroad as under the strict privacy policies and security measures in Germany.

For this reason, Keyweb has responded to the customer‘s request with the KeyCloud to offer its own cloud solution, which combines the desired functionality and security conditions. As a supporter of alternative solutions, Keyweb relies on the use of the open source software Nextcloud.
Nextcloud is a branch of the well-known free cloud software ownCloud. Nextcloud has proven to be an excellent response to all popular, paid cloud solutions. The software offers all the functions of a own cloud. In this way, files, documents, photos, videos and music can be stored centrally and securely, accessed anytime and anywhere from any Internet-enabled device, such as smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, and shared with friends and colleagues. With your own admin access, you can keep track of your cloud, manage as many users as you want, and can assign individual access rights and passwords. Additionally a calendar and task function supports planning and organisation of own appointments as well as the work of teams. The security of the stored and transmitted data is ensured on the one hand by the underlying cloud technology with numerous additionally selectable security (for example password allocation , expiration date, individual rights) and monitoring options (Activityfeed) as well as by the encrypted data transmission via the included SSL certificate. On the other hand – and most importantly – the IT infrastrucure offered by Keyweb quarantees a high level of protection against failures, scalability and strict data protection.

Embedded in an ideal basis, optimized for the performant operation and under addition of servicerelevant conditions thus creates the optimal framework for its own private cloud – the KeyCloud by Keyweb.
The KeyCloud is suitable for private applications as well as for supporting business processes. Depending on your required storage, you can choose between 00 GB, 300 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB und 2500 GB. The KeyCloud is already available from 5,90 € per month* for 100 GB up to 59,00 € per month* for 2500 GB. If you already have experience with other cloud solutions and were not satisfied, do not want to configure anything before and want to feel safe and the cloud should work – then the KeyCloud is just the right cloud solution for you!

All information and details about the KeyCloud, the full range of functions and the specific possibilities and advantages can be found under Private Cloud – KeyCloud. The Keyweb sales and service team is also looking forward to advise if you are interested and to clarify questions.

*All prices include VAT at 19 %.

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