Since the middle of the year Keyweb support as hostingpartner the hockeyclub SSV Vamaria. On fourth and fivth november Keyweb may cheer on teams from germany and contiguous countrys in their thrilling game at the 9. Klassikpokal and support them as viewer. In addition, Keyweb rewared the winning teams with a special price.

Hockey – a kind of sport which was underestimating a long time, but now it has been resurrecting with rising popularity. The kind of sport is executed with a ball and a bat and satisfies the entire family. boys and girls find a fast access to the game an show a great enthusiasm to the teamsport. The Challenge at hockey is a high degree of dynamic, coordination an a high technical claim.

Hockey is also regional represent by the Sport- and Spielverein Vimaria (SSV). The club task is primary to train childeren and young people. In accordance with our passion for sports and especially for the junior sport, we were happy to respond to the request on the association for a reliable provider. Since april of this year Keyweb is the official hosting partner and provide and manage the club‘s website.

Our keyweb team might already experience with their own body which enormous dynamic, endurance and physical strength it needs to play hockey. By the secondred- sportolympiad on 18 august we were playing floorball. Floorball is a subtype of hockey in which you can also play behind the goal.

This time we might cheer the experts by sporty-thrilling atmophere by the 9. Klassikpokal in the Asbachhalle in Weimar. It was prevailing an easy and fair atmosphere and the high excitement wasn‘t decreasing. We were representing on an information point and we pursue the thrilling game over two day.

Both champions of the match got the Klassikpokal and they have been getting a KeyCloud for each member by us about 12 months. This one have a special advantage against rival Clouds. It is a save alternative toward Dropbox and GoogleDrive. The stored data hasn‘t been spreading arround the world. They stored by German prvacy ligslation on a central and save server in a Keyweb computer centre in Germany. After many thrilling matches the team of the HC 1942 Rakovnik be pleased of the premium.

Vimaria Hockey - 9. Klassikpokal sponsored by Keyweb AG
9. Klassik Pokal Weimar of Vimaria Hockey: The price sponsored by Keyweb is given by Thorsten Ratzke (SSV Vimaria)

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