Keyweb‘s servers have stood for smooth system stability and reliable performance. Also the new server models, of the Thuringian hosting provider, show once more where the decisive difference lies. High-performance brand hardware meets highest system and data integrity, in combination with the best possible conditions at an unprecedented price- performance ratio.

The latest generation of its server models equips Keyweb AG with the latest hardware components from Intel®, doubled RAM and optimized security requirements, for sophisticated micro architecture. This, combined with countless service, support and additional features, makes the new Keymachine servers once again a reliable dedicated server for web requirements of all kinds.

Keymachine servers based on i5 and i7 processors, from the Intel® Haswell and Intel® Coffee Lake series with up to 6 cores, are suitable for small business projects as well as business applications such as Typo 3 and Shop-wear hosting. Game servers and large private web projects can be realized with the entry-level models of the Keymachine Server and always run stable. SATA3 SSD hard drives with up to 2 x 2 TB and up to 64 GB RAM provide fast performance. Alternatively, it is also possible to use HDD hard disks. The costs of dedicated entry-level server hosting, ranges from 59,00 €* to 99,00 €* per month.

As the name suggests, the servers of the Keymachine Pro series are aimed at more extensive professional Internet projects. High-quality technical features and a full hardware service guarantee meet the highest demands for highly-frequented, database-based platforms, visualization projects and for operating reseller shops. Intel® Xeon Kaby Lake or Silver processors, with up to 12 cores (24 vCores) and 3.0 GHz Turboboost, SATA3 SSD hard disks of up to 4 x 2 TB, form part of the high-quality basic equipment in addition to expandable RAM up to 384 GB. A CacheVault kit, dedicated hardware RAID and KVM with IPMI 2.0 for encrypted data management are added. The business high-performance servers can already be rented from 129,00 €*. The largest server model is available for 299,00 €*.

All server models of Keyweb AG are based on brand servers of Keymachine Server Manufaktur GmbH. A Keymachine® is built using tested, energy-efficient and high performance hardware components. In keeping with the company’s motto – Exclusive. Individual. Strong performance. - The direct cooperation of Keyweb AG with Keymachine Server Manufaktur allows direct influence on the equipment of its dedicated managed servers, from production to maintenance. This is completely independent of distant providers. The main beneficiaries of this maximum flexibility are Keyweb’s server customers, who benefit at all times from particularly fast and individual technical support around the clock, 365 days a year.

Other unbeatable features are: the free server management tool KeyHelp® without restrictions, a usable bandwidth of 1 Gbit switch port, included data transfer volume, 2 IP addresses included, full root access, KeyManaged Service and comprehensive firewall settings. Extraordinary service and support services as well as flexible contract terms round off all server packages. Keymachine Pro Server customers also receive the KeyDisc as additional backup storage and the KeyInvest option to purchase the server as included services.

The entire server offering of the Thuringian hosting provider can be found with numerous details and additional information on the company’s homepage. Consultation as well as ordering are at any time online under by email: [email protected] or by telephone : 0361-658-530 possible.

*All prices include 19% VAT.

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