Keyweb AG has exchanged its complete range of SSL certificates and expanded it to include secure e-mail certificates. Instead of certificates from Thawte and GeoTrust (DigiCert) only certificates from the verified company GlobalSign will be offered from September.

For several reasons, Keyweb, the Thuringian hosting provider, has realigned its portfolio of SSL Certificates. The differences between Google and Symantec (now DigiCert) and the recurring discussions about recognition of Symantec verified SSL Certificates, including GeoTrust and Thawte SSL Certificates, have had a significant impact on the restructuring.
In order to be able to serve and secure the parallel increasing demand for SSL certificates with comfortable framework conditions, the company decided to enter into a new cooperation with the verified certificate provider GlobalSign. GlobalSign, founded in 1996 as a public CA, convinces above all with its highly scaled products, positive reputation, local presence and reliable support.

A selection of a total of 9 certificates is now available to Keyweb AG customers. Already from 39 € per year the AlphaSSL certificate can be used to secure intranet systems, internal applications and mail servers SSL-encrypted quickly and inexpensively. Depending on the requirements - whether security for smaller websites, social sites or blogs, or for commercial websites, shops as well as large e-commerce sites and extensive company websites - the hosting provider offers the appropriate SSL certificate. To round off the data encryption, customers can also protect the content of their e-mail messages against manipulation with a PersonalSign e-mail certificate from 75 € per year. Thanks to S/MIME technology, e-mails are digitally signed and their contents encrypted.

The most important distinguishing features of the individual SSL certificates are their security level, the degree of validation and visual visibility for the visitor, insurance protection and the number of domains or subdomains to be secured. If the DomainSSL certificates from 169 €/ year secure smaller web presences cost-effectively by checking the domain, the company validated OrganizationSSL certificate from 249 €/ year is ideally suited to offer website visitors a high level of security. The highest security level with green address bar and extended validation at online banking level is guaranteed with an ExtendedSSL certificate from 429 €/ year. For the protection of several domains there are corresponding wildcard certificates as well as IP certificates for larger server structures.

As a special incentive to order SSL certificates from GlobalSign via Keyweb AG, customers who switch to GlobalSign with a valid certificate from another provider will receive the remaining term attached free of charge. In addition, if an existing certificate is renewed, the remaining time of the current certificate will be extended if the renewal is performed within the renewal period (90 days before expiration).
Topics such as trust and security have become essential for website operators. The DSGVO, which came into force in May 2018, additionally increases the pressure on developers and owners of websites to make the Internet more secure. The role of encrypted data transmission using SSL certificates is therefore not insignificant. This is also in the interest of Google. The search engine giant has named HTTPS as the official ranking criterion and is thus setting clear signals.

In any case, it is (almost) indispensable to secure your domain(s) with a suitable SSL certificate. Which SSL certificate makes sense for which requirement and which arguments and advantages in addition speak for their use is clearly recorded on the homepage of Keyweb AG. The service and sales team of Keyweb AG will, of course, provide detailed advice or answer any further questions at any time.

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