In the course of the next year, the most energy-efficient data center in Thuringia will be built in Erfurt. As Thuringia's largest webhoster we are responding to the increasing quantitative demand of our customers with the construction of our third data center in Erfur. In close cooperation with the city of Erfurt and several cooperation partners and partners in the area of IT, we aim to creat an unique server center in Thuringia which combines state-of-the-art security and efficiency standards.

In close cooperation with the city of Erfurt and several cooperation partners and partners in the area of IT, with this project an unique server center in Thuringia should be created

The groundbreaking for the new data center could already take place in the next few months. At first a data center with an area of 1.000 sqm will be constructed on a total area of 20.000 sqm. This will be available to our regional, national and international customers already in the third quarter of the next year and will provide space for 20.000 additional servers. The further planning includes an expansion to a total of 4.000 sqm in the coming years.

"In the past years many of our competitors have been sold to foreign companies, primarily based in the US. Others have or will turn their backs on the Location Germany for cost reasons. For us this has never been an option- among other things for privacy reasons. " said Frank Nowag, CEO of the Keyweb AG.

Not only latest concepts should will make the data center a prestigious object of a special efficiency class, but also the use of state-of-the-art solar technology. In dependence of to the successful technical verification, we also plan to feed the generated heat load into the network of the city of Erfurt.

"Our customers not only appreciate our personal service from a single provider, but above all our philosophy of always acting in their interest. Keyweb will ever focus on security, service, sustainability and transparency, and will never move away from this values. Our data centers will continue to be certified and will not be operated by nuclear power.

The data of our customers are unexceptional hosted in Germany - and therefore in compliance with the relevant data protection standards. Only by adhering these points the trust of the customers could grow in the long term and enable the success of Keyweb for more than two decades ", Frank Nowag is convinced.

The preparations for the construction project are currently in full swing. We are in a regular contact with the city of Erfurt as well as our partners and investors.

At the beginning of this year we have already published the holistic sustainability concept "KeyEco", which not only includes the energy-efficient operation of our data centers, but also includes the intelligent and sustainable use of natural resources in all work processes of the company. This behavior was confirmed with a certificate for assured sustainability in the areas of ecology, economy and social competence. The certificate was handed over to the Keyweb AG in December 2018 by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics.

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