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On June 9th, 2016 the 15th economic congress erwicon takes place in the CongressCenter in Erfurt. It is addressed to companies from Erfurt, Thuringia and bordering federal states. Under the headline “Growth with successs – how to win and keep your customers today”, this year's erwicon adresses new communication and distribution channels and processes, demands of customers and challenges to fulfill these.

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Erfurt, Steigerwaldstadion, Saturday 14th of May 2016 – for 29 teams the second sponsor tournament began at 10:30 a.m. and again it was presented by Keyweb AG. After the great debut 2015, the RWE sponsor tournament should be even bigger – the biggest leisure football tournament of Thuringia.

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The server administration software KeyHelp® from Keyweb recently received the mark “BEST OF IT 2016” and therefore belongs to the best 20 solutions in the category server/virtualization that were awarded by the Initiative Mittelstand, an initiative for SMEs.
With this award, the Initiative Mittelstand each year elects the most innovative solutions that are especially useful and of high potential for small and mid-size businesses.

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When from February, 27th the fair halls of Erfurt revive again, the hosting provider Keyweb AG presents itself along with more than 650 exhibitors at the Thüringen Ausstellung. Together with our partner company, the Keymachine Server Manufaktur GmbH we inform in hall 1 until March 6th about hosting and webhosting but also about the required modern high performance servers and data centers.

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The website already announces it: only a few days left to the free provision of KeyHelp®. So far, the administration software KeyHelp® was reserved exclusively for the customers of Keyweb AG. From January the hosting company shares its best tool for administrators with everyone interested worldwide. The public provision of this professional server management software now allows each to manage his or her server, regardless of manufacturer or provider.

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We already got to knew the Erfurt Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf better during the Lions-Cup 2014. At that time, we had been very impressed by the commitment and playfulness of the children. As they just missed the victory, Keyweb rewarded their great engagement spontaneously with a holiday in the villa at the Baltic Sea.

When we now heard, that the five families of the children's village needed new PCs, we did not think long and decided to help immediately. Already for our offer, we were rewarded with joy, gratitude and appreciation on the unexpected support.

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